6225 E Industrial Ln, Leavenworth, IN 47137, USA

Phone: 812-739-2246

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Strategic Goals

Goal I. Revitalize the Crawford County Chamber of Commerce to generate interest, excitement, and opportunities for networking and active involvement for the business community while retaining and attracting new members. Executive Committee, Marketing and Membership


Goal II. Develop a common vision that supports a county wide/regional economic development emphasis. Economic Development and Marketing


Goal III. Ensure that business leaders in Crawford County are recognized statewide for their commitment to personal and professional leadership development. Executive Committee, Membership and Marketing


Goal IV. Champion assets of Crawford County to draw commerce to the area. Economic Development, Tourism and Marketing


Goal V. Create a Chamber "value added" membership package to attract significant level of participation from the business community. Membership, Marketing and Tourism


Goal VI. Develop a strategy to allow Crawford County to become a regional leader in tourism and hospitality. Tourism and Marketing


Goal VII. Facilitate and act as a catalyst for the creation of a skilled, qualified and available workforce within in the county and regionally. Economic Development.