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Member Benefits

Why Be a Chamber Member?

  1. Your voice is heard, because collectively the members have a positive effect on the community.

  2. Your opinions count, because your input and involvement, combined with others, results.

  3. Your membership assures our quality of life through Chamber decisions affecting business, education, government and cultural arts.

  4. Your involvement options are many, a potpourri of committees, task forces, meetings, seminars and special events.

  5. You're "on top" of community issues, knowing what’s happening and how to get ahead in the business world.

  6. Your membership speaks for private enterprise and the need to maintain a good local business climate.

  7. Your membership expands your capacities by exposing you to new clients and customers, new resources and ideas.

  8. Your membership sustains our region as a viable market in competition with other areas.

  9. You have access to special resources, a wealth of information, services and “contacts” within the community.

  10. Your membership helps develop community leadership.